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At home or work, a beautiful landscape adds to your quality of life. It provides the serene, relaxed setting you need after a stressful day.  When you hire professional landscape design experts, it will ensure that your yard or garden is well designed and maintained, and will provide a beautiful setting all year round.  Every landscape, from traditional to modern, is created with the same focus on sustainability and quality.  Done properly your landscape will improve and mature year after year. Elevated Landscape and Design has the know how and the tools necessary to raise your landscaping to the highest standards. Give us a call to set up a free consultation and find out how Elevated can service all of your landscaping needs.




Landscaping and Design

Landscape Maintenance

Deck & Fence Maintenance

We take ordinary yards and transform them into landscapes that elevate and encourage outdoor time at home.

We maintain your plants and flowerbeds shrubs and trees to keep your property lush and beautiful.

Keep your outdoor timber looking new and beautiful. We can clean, sand, stain, and repair your deck or fence.




Lawn & Property Maintenance

Retaining walls

Stairways & Walkways

Our lawn services include fertilization, lawn cutting, edging, trimming, and blowing of driveways & walkways.

Not just for adding aesthetics to your outdoor space, retaining walls add key erosion control as well.

As we have long known, the world is not flat. We have several solutions to get you up down and all around.





Fire Pits

Dump Truck Services

Are you ready to add that patio you’ve been dreaming of? Give us a call and receive a free consultation.

Bring ambiance to your surroundings and create a cozy atmosphere that will keep you and your guests warm.

Whether you need something hauled to you or hauled away and disposed of, we have you covered.




Spring & Fall Cleanups

Snow Removal

Home Check-ins

From overgrown brush to pine needles and leaves we keep your property clean throughout the year.

Let us handle all of your snow removal needs from driveways to walkways, steps, stairs, decks and rooftops.

Our goal is to keep your home safe and well maintained while you are away. Call us for a full list of services.

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